"A Time to Heal" by Judy Larsen

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  • All Natural

  • USDA Approved 

  • Eliminates stall odors

  • Consumes urine through bioenzyme action 

  • Contains a blend of bacteria designed to speed the biodegrading process while eliminating odor

  • Assists in Fly Control

  • Environmentally Correct

  • Concentrate:  64 oz = 2 gallon

  • $18.95

Other companies produce products that mask or absorbs urine,  Stable Fresh™ is the only product on the market that literally consumes the urine and neutralizes pH because Stable Fresh™ contains a natural blend of bacteria designed to speed up the biodegrading process!  It works great on manure piles too.

All-natural concentrate eliminates stall odors for just pennies per day. Through bioenzyme action, Stable Fresh™ actually consumes urine, eliminating odors & speeding up the biodegrading process. In addition, it reduces the fly population by eliminating the area in which flies breed, plus it reduces thrush and other hoof related ailments by removing the urine from under hoof.  A 64 oz. bottle makes a total of 2 gallons of Stable Fresh™ in a spray bottle.  Apply liberally to the wet areas. Repeat daily for a week, applications may then be reduced to as low as once a week depending on the odor and quantity of urine produced by your horse.   Can also be used on manure piles to accelerate decomposition and decrease fly populations. 

Stable Fresh™ is perfect for horse farms, dog kennels, poultry farms, zoos and more! 





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